This diploma is meant for the candidates who are already qualified in Electrohomoeopathy and other field of medical profession. This diploma is about the research based project and admitted candidates have to produce a clinical monograph on the disease and manifestations of the body organ as per the fundamentals, line of diagnosis and treatment of Electrohomoeopathy Medical Science. This course will be in online mode and candidates will get their course notes and assignments through the course app which they can access through their android and  apple devices. The candidate has the option to choose the subject of his/her interest in producing the clinical monograph of respected organ health, sickness and its manifestations. The highlighted point about this course is given below.

Eligibility: Qualification in Electrohomoeopathy and any other medical stream .

Fee: 5000 NOK


Duration of Course: One year which can further  be extended for one year more , if candidate remain incompetent to complete his/her research work in given one year.


Controller (In India ) : ERDO (Electrohomoeopathy Research and Development Organisation ) New Delhi, India  will be an authorized coordinating body from ERDC Norway to check the smooth running of this course through the authorized study centre’s  of the ERDC Norway.


Awarding certificate and body: Master- Diploma in Electrohomoeopathy Medicine and Iridology. MD(EMI),


Nodal agency For India:- ERDO (Electrohomoeopathy Research and development organization) is an authorized nodal agency  ERDC, Norway who look after the functioning of he  online study centre in India approved by ERDC Norway.


Duration of course: 6 Months


Fee: 3000,- NOK


Course type: Online Study


Practical Training: 1 Week

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